What is Page Rank?

what is page rankMany people get confused about what Google’s “page rank” factor is, so here is a quick post to clear that up.

It sounds like “page rank” would have have to do with where your site ranks in the search engine (position 1, position 3, etc). In fact it has nothing to do with that!

Page Rank (PR) is a number from 0-9 that Google assigns to your site. It has nothing to do with your actual rankings. It just tells Google how powerful your site is. If your site is assigned a PR0 that means that your website is seen as not very powerful. It is probably new and has a small or non-existent social following. A PR9 is the highest ranking, and only sites like Google or Wikipedia can get that kind of power.

For most website owners, a PR of 2-4 is something to be proud of. It means that Google sees your site as fairly powerful in its industry. The benefit of higher PR means that it will make it easier for you to target keywords in the search engines, thus making it simpler to rank!