How to Easily Track Traffic with Google Analytics & WordPress

analytics summaryIf you have a wordpress site, it is easy to track daily traffic with a simple plug-in called Google Analyticator. This is a great little tip for anyone who has signed up for Google analytics (or wants to sign up) but doesn’t now how to install their tracking code on their wordpress site without paying their webmaster. This is helpful to businesses who have invested in a website but aren’t getting the call/customer increase that they expected the website would bring in. Usually the answer is simple: their target customer is not finding the website!

Also, if you plan on hiring an SEO company in the future, you will have traffic data available to you so can track the impact of your SEO. It only takes about 10 minutes at the most to set-up, and you will be able to track the amount of daily visitors you are getting to your site.

STEP 1: Add your website to Google Analytics

  • First, sign up for Google Analytics (if you haven’t already), by going here:
  • Once you’re in, navigate to Admin > Property (drop down box) > Create New Property
  • Fill in your website details and hit “Get Tracking ID”
  • That’s it, you’re done here!

STEP 2: Install the Plug-in & Adjust Settings

  • Log-in to wordpress, and navigate to plug-ins. Click browse, and search for “google analyticator”
  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Navigate to Settings > Google Analytics
  • Make sure you are logged into your Google Analytics account from Step 1
  • Press the button to generate your access code
  • Configure your settings to look like the screenshot below, but instead of “4theweb” it should say your website name.

analyticator-instructionsNow navigate to “dashboard” in your WordPress back-end, and you will see a new widget called “Google Analytics Summary.”  You can check here as often as you want to track the traffic on your website. Remember that it does not have live tracking, so if you want to know how many visitors you had on Wednesday, you have to wait until Thursday for an accurate reading. Enjoy!