Are You Ignoring the 2nd Largest Search Engine? Video Marketing Basics

Most people don’t realize they are completely ignoring the second largest search engine on the web. Focusing on Google, and then skipping on to Bing and Yahoo is a mistake most people don’t even understand they are making.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine?

YouTube tends to go unnoticed by marketers, because we’re all focused on traditional search engines. But, many consumers use YouTube the same way they use Google or Bing.

Valuable Video Marketing Content: “How-To” Content

Many searches on YouTube are related to “how to” content. These searches occur when users are looking to solve a problem. Most businesses are centered around solving their customer’s problems: If you’re an electrician, you are seeking to solve electrical issues. Bail bondsmen are seeking to help people solve the problem of being in jail, and E-Commerce sites are selling products which are useful or beneficial to consumers. As such, “how-to” content is extremely valuable as a marketing tool, and videos are the perfect medium.

Search Trends for YouTube

According to a report from Google, educational, “how-to” searches on YouTube, are “growing 70% year over year, and more than 100M hours of how-to content have been watched in North America so far this year.”

100 million hours. That is over 11,000 years of video watched in America alone.

Those 11,000 years of video were watched by Americans in just one year. That is a lot of wasted opportunity if you’re not using videos in your marketing. Here is a brief look at the top “how-to” search trends, according to Google.


Beauty how-to searches are common, including makeup, hair, and coloring tutorials.


Cooking how-to searches include “food hack” videos, and tips and tricks for the kitchen.

Home Maintenance

Maintenance and home care how-to videos, including fixing leaky faucets, are top searches

How to Utilize Video Marketing for Your Business

You may be wondering how you can start using video marketing in your business. Honestly, all you have to do is ask yourself one simple question:

“What questions do my customers ask me?”

No business has completely mastered explaining their business to consumers. People always have questions. Take these questions, and turn them in to how-to videos, and frequently asked question videos. Here are a few how-to content ideas for various businesses to get you started:


  • “How to Organize Keys”
  • “How to Clean Deadbolts”
  • “How to Test Your Home’s Security System”


  • “How to Safely Install New Light Sockets”
  • “How to Use Lighting for Better Ambience”
  • “How to Install a Ceiling Fan”


  • “How to Unclog Your Toilet”
  • “How to Fix Your Leaky Faucet”
  • “How to Replace a Faucet”

Bail Bonds:

  • “How to Get a Bail Bond”
  • “How to Help Someone in Jail”
  • “How to Find a Good Lawyer”

Clothing Store:

  • “How to Wear Dresses in Winter”
  • “How to Wear a Tie for Men”
  • “How to Accessorize Jeans”

If you feel lost, and can’t think of any topics for your video, try gathering friends, family members, employees, and even some of your best customers. Brainstorm for ideas, and write down any possibility – which could blossom into a great video.  Now, you may be thinking: “This is all well and good – but I’m not a professional videographer! And, we don’t have the assets to hire professionals to make these videos!” While professional videos are effective, they aren’t always necessary. In fact, making videos that highlight your business’ personality can be far more effective, because it is more personal. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog on how to create a professional video for your business on your own. For now, you have some homework. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and answer the following question to begin your video marketing strategy:

What questions are my customers asking? How can I answer them, thus creating a great video marketing strategy?

Answer this question, and you’ll be well on your way to a better video marketing strategy!